First days of the training

DSC01710-So our project is now already up and running. Yesterday was a day of travel where most of the participants arrived already during the night. Meaning they had time to explore Tbilisi a bit before it was time for everyone to meet for the first time and depart to Atskuri, the venue where the training will be hold.

Today it was all about ice-breaking and building trust. Not to speak about learning all new names. New families were also borned with purpose of working as a reflection group. So, here we have the first greeting from the Khutshvili family.

Greetings everybody from the Khutshvili family!

Yesterday at 3. pm we were supposed to go to Atskuri. But reality of Georgia is like this; if you have ordered a bus for 20 people and their luggage for ten days, a bus for ten people will arrive – and that’s ten people and no extra space for luggage just to be exact. So there we were, all packed and ready at 4.30 when an extra bus finally came. Road to Atskuri was near to restricted conflict area. It is hard to imagine a war is taking place in such a beautiful place.

When we came to Athskuri the bus driver didn’t want go up to the camp – he didn’t want to get the bus dirty, so we had to walk to our finish. Thank god the other bus driver, who got our baggage, was willing to drive all the way to the camp. It is very beautiful here.

Today we had ice breaking games and we got new Georgian family Khutsishvili including Latvians, Armenian, Slovenian and Georgian. Dear Georgian families, do not give up when you bump the first obstacle on the road. Three days hike ahead!!!